Ice Cream and Money - these works on paper, 2011 - 2012, are a visual glimpse and configuration of the relationship between Kate Ann Maury and Jerry Allen Gilmore, a discovery of respectful play.

Boats will float and Bumble bees will Sting - these series of works reflect my realization that life's every movement possesses a humorous bend in the river, where one may be given aid by animals, magicians and shamans or menaced by devils, clowns and bumble bees. Where you go depends upon where you have been, and where you can go depends upon what you can imagine.

My work has always claimed an element of water within the narrative, reflecting the movement and immigration of my Irish family. In each very distinct progressive series, I navigate through the duality of exploration and process.

Characteristically all of these works are autobiographical, different chapters and never in order of appearance, markings on my life.